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Advantage Investigations Security Services Inc.

Specializing in Juvenile Runaway Services –¬†Interventions & Recovery

Advantage ISS investigators bring over two decades of law enforcement, private investigations and personal security experience to Northern Idaho and the Inland Northwest.

Advantage ISS offers the best and most comprehensive runaway services in the greater Northwest. We are trained and experienced in runaway interventions. We have a proven track record in locating and bringing runaway adolescents back to the safety of home, treatment center, or program. Chuck Selent, Michael Decker and trained personnel have located and transported well over a hundred runaways over the better part of two decades.

We are centrally located in northern Idaho and are a short flight or drive to anywhere in the northwestern USA. We have successfully located juvenile runaways in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Due to following leads in our investigations, we have located and returned runaways from as far away as California and Canada. Most of our personnel are law enforcement trained and have the ability to deal with various situations which may arise in searching for, apprehending, transporting, and bringing back to safety, runaway juveniles. Our personnel are able to make suggestions and offer solutions that others may not be able to or have the knowledge of. We have an understanding of both civilian and law enforcement communities.

Our success rate in locating runaways that have been missing under thirty six hours is above 95%. We have an overall location rate of about 90%. Each runaway assignment has many variables and there is no way that we can guarantee each individual case, but with a proven track record and experience in runaway interventions, the odds are in you and your families favor. It is comforting to know you have these resources and tools working for you and your child.

Please¬†call or email Chuck Selent, Director of Operations, to discuss your specific needs for prompt and efficient service. Remember we are only a short flight or drive away. Your child’s safety and well being is our number one priority.

Advantage ISS investigators also provide discreet and confidential services that include:

* Divorce

* Surveillance

* Workman’s Compensation

* Insurance Fraud/Defense

* Criminal Defense

* Civil Investigations

* Process Service

* Personal & Property Security

* Missing Persons

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