Chuck Selent


Chuck has over 17 years of law enforcement experience as a veteran level one reserve Sheriff Deputy and Police Officer. He is a Private Investigator for the last several years and owner/director of Advantage ISS Inc. and Advantage Adolescent and Interim Services. Chuck has over 25 years experience working in diversified environments with “at-risk” adolescents. He was a former manager for crisis interventions and special services with a large adolescent services organization / programs in the northwest for 12 years. Chuck is CPI, CPR and first aid certified, and an instructor in verbal de-escalation and passive physical intervention techniques. His credits also include well over a hundred successful juvenile runaway locations and interventions, short term interim care for adolescents, and he is cleared through California Trust Line Registry. Chuck has flown well over a million miles in his work with adolescents with hundreds of successful transports and escorts to his credits.

17 Years

Law Enforcement

25+ Years

Working with “At-Risk” youth

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