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At-Risk Transport

At-Risk Transport

We are a group of professionals trained in Adolescent Crisis Interventions and Prevention. We specialize in “Therapeutic Transports” of “At-┬áRisk” adolescents. This is for the transitional period from home to program, program to program, or any time that a young person might benefit from the extra security and safety of transport professionals.


Runaway Recovery

Runaway Recovery

Advantage ISS Inc. offers the best and most comprehensive runaway services in the greater Northwest. We are trained and experienced in runaway interventions. We have a proven track record in locating and bringing runaway adolescents back to the safety of home, treatment center, or program. Chuck Selent, and his trained personnel, have located and transported well over a hundred runaways over the better part of three decades.



Advantage ISS investigators also provide discreet and confidential services that include:

* Divorce

* Surveillance

* Workman’s Compensation

* Insurance Fraud/Defense

* Criminal Defense

* Civil Investigations

* Process Service

* Personal & Property Security

* Missing Persons

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Advantage ISS
21044 N. Camper Rd.,
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